Mastering your Mindset in Difficult Times

So we have basically been in lock-down for a week now.  On the first day of lock-down I interviewed Jen Gottleib – we call her ‘CEO of Mindset’ in her company. Since doing this interview I have implemented all her mindset tools and they have been changing my days. I truly encourage you to implement … Read more

Pro-Active Health Tips in the Face of COVID-19

So I have stayed quiet around coronavirus for the past week or so as I gathered information. I listened and watched everything I possibly could about coronavirus and the new information coming out in the medical world and in the Functional space. There is a reason I have international memberships with Functional Doctors, and it’s … Read more

Do you struggle with Sleep? Zzzz

Today I want to talk to you about sleep. It’s not something we really delve deeply into in clinic. Obviously, we do touch on this when I ask you what time you wake up and what time you’re going to bed, and what your energy is like first thing in the morning. But for those … Read more