Merry Xmas from Shelley and the Team

We had a great year in 2019, our new offices officially opened and I know the feedback has been great. We launched two online courses which have been so helpful to so many clients. The level of learning has been amazing. We have finally launched a meal plan that we have had so many of you requesting, it’s actually the perfect Christmas present. We purchased a near infra red sauna which will be up and running in 2020. We also had the opportunity of bringing you so many amazing resources in terms of interviews, podcasts and summits that I was featured on or interviewing guests.

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My Journey – Part 2

My dream while I’d been at the investment bank was to buy a house, so I had worked those long hours to put savings in the bank. I promise you when you can’t get out of bed, all of this money in the bank seems pointless and when you are using those hard earned savings to get your health back it also seems pointless. I did learn the hard way that it’s better to look after yourself to begin with because it costs a lot more getting your health back again.

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My Journey

The timing couldn’t be better… I’ve just completed my new look newsletter so to kick things off, I thought I’d share my unedited health story

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