Do you struggle with Sleep? Zzzz

Today I want to talk to you about sleep. It’s not something we really delve deeply into in clinic. Obviously, we do touch on this when I ask you what time you wake up and what time you’re going to bed, and what your energy is like first thing in the morning. But for those … Read more

AMD Ion Foot Bath Detox

Today I wanted to take a moment to talk about one of the new products that we have in the clinic. Sometimes having a business to play shops with can be the greatest fun, but other times it can be hugely stressful. However, one of the new products we can now offer you is the … Read more

Getting Back to Health Basics for 2020

Happy new decade.  Happy new year.   Happy 2020!  Welcome to a whole new year of learning, education and empowerment. Empowerment about your health, your body and your life!  We not only want you to have longevity, but to be in great health for your entire lifespan. That’s my wish for you for this next decade.  … Read more