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Because of our modern lifestyle, most people are exposed to greater and greater levels of stress, toxins in our food, water, skin care and environment. We spend the majority of our time indoors, with limited exposure to the sun or natural light. This means that we are carrying extra toxic loads on our bodies and that we are deficient in red and near-infrared light. All of which prevent our cells from producing energy and therefore working optimally in our bodies. 

SGFN has state of the art detox therapies that will improve the liver, kidney, and lymphatic function to eliminate heavy metals, environmental toxins, mould, and chemical toxicities while re-setting your nervous system.

Ampcoil- PEMF and Sound Therapy

PEMF technology uses electromagnetic waves at different frequencies and duration (often very low and in short pulses) to stimulate optimal cell function including cell repair and neuron stimulation. Cells lose their ability to carry and exchange electrical charges when they get old, are injured or are affected by toxins. PEMF targets those distressed cells and restores their electromagnetic fields, enabling them to perform optimally again. In other words, PEMF encourages your natural body’s recovery process.

The Ampcoil also incorporates sound therapy and we believe in the power of sound therapy so much ,we wanted to take a moment to explain it here. Sound Therapy (by way of rhythm and frequency) aims to change our brain waves from our normal wakeful state (which is called beta) to a relaxed state (alpha) or ideally to a meditative state (theta) or a sleeping state (delta) so that our bodies can relax and heal. In a profound state of relaxation or sleep, our body’s cells return to their normal vibrational frequency, allowing healing of all our systems to occur.

Human bodies are at least 60% water which makes them very good conductors of sound vibration. When vibrations move through the body they release blockages, increase circulation and energy flow and work on the brainwaves to increase relaxation. Sound frequencies can lift your mood out of low energy mood to high energy level moods.

This therapy can take up to 45 minutes in one session, but is generally about 30 minutes.

Near Infrared Sauna combined with Red Light Therapy.

In our clinic we have our red light therapy in the Near Infrared Sauna, so you can stack the health benefits and save time and money.

Our Near Infrared Sauna works by heating a person from within the body itself, with electromagnetic wavelengths of light (much like the rays from the sun but without the harmful UV rays). These wavelengths of light are from the ‘infrared’ part of the spectrum, found above the red coloured part of the rainbow some of which are invisible to the naked eye. 

These infrared and near infrared wavelengths penetrate the body deeply, by about 4 centimetres and react directly with the mitochondria in your body’s cells, heating them up and activating them from the inside. This raises your body’s core temperature and means your joints, bones, nerves and brain are activated directly, deeply and more effectively than a traditional sauna.

Red Light Therapy

There are two main ways red and near-infrared light therapy help our cells. Far-infrared light heats up our cells (like the sun heats our bodies) which means circulation is increased and cells are stimulated. Red and near-infrared light stimulates the mitochondria (the powerhouse in our cells). These lights are different to other wavelengths as they penetrate deeply into the body (up to 4cm) and therefore can reach bone, muscle and nerves, of our bodies. Because they can get so deep they have a direct healing effect on the cells they reach.

You only need 20 minutes in the Near Infrared Sauna to get the full benefits from each session.

AMD Ion Foot Cleanse

The IonCleanse works by biocompatible electrical frequencies entering the water. The IonCleanse process ionizes the water as h2O is split into OH and H+ ions. These ions attract and neutralise oppositely charged toxins. Positively charged particles include: heavy metals, histamine, pesticides, exotoxins. These are all influenced by negative ions. Negatively charged particles include: Glyphosate, Endotoxins, Mycotoxins, Candida/ Yeast. They are influenced by positive ions. After a session clients feel calm, relaxed and focused.

You will need 30 minutes for the AMD Ion Foot Cleanse.

We understand that you might want to try one of these therapies as a one off or to support your health journey and get the best health outcomes, you might need a series of sessions. We have incorporated this into our pricing. We have different discounts depending on what treatments you are using and how many sessions you are going to need.

For the AMD Ion Foot Cleanse we recommend doing it in bundle sessions of six, so our pricing bundles reflect this. For our Near infra red sauna we recommend coming in as regularly as you can, so we have done this in bundles of five. The Ampcoil you can come in for a single session if you are suffering from a cold or a headache or not sleeping, so there is a cheaper one off session or you can get a specific journey protocol. We would love to talk to you more about any of these treatment options and help advance you on your healing journey.

You do not have to be a client to come into the clinic and use the Detoxification therapies.


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