The Beginner's Guide to Your Best You

This course is a must-do for you if ...

What this course will teach you:

Module 1: Hydration

You’ll learn how to hydrate for your individual body.  You will see your inflammation decrease, your energy and mental clarity improve by the end of this module.

Module 2: Macronutrients

Are you confused by the latest diet?  Overwhelmed by how and what to eat?  By the end of this module you’ll know how to adapt any diet for your body.  You will learn specifically what your body needs to fuel itself.  You will have simple, actionable steps you can follow anywhere.  You will know how to crowd out certain foods that are not good for your individual body.

Module 3: Inflammation

In this module you’ll learn which specific foods are causing you inflammation.  You’ll know the connection between specific foods and your particular symptoms.

Module 4: Gut Health

The missing link for most of us is knowing how to repair our gut lining.  In this module you’ll learn steps you can use at home to repair yours.

Module 5: Digestion

Stop inflaming your body with each mouthful you take.  You’ll learn how to get the most out of each mouthful so your body can absorb all the nutrients and get the most bang for your gut with every mouthful.  It’s not just what you eat, it’s how you eat!

Module 6: Sleep

Learn what your body’s actually doing while you sleep and the health benefits of sleeping.  After this module you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.  You’ll also learn why sleep is a major factor in weight loss.

No time like the present ...

There’s no need for your symptoms to be your norm!  By sleeping right, learning what to put on your fork and listening to what your body is saying … you’re going to be unstoppable!

We’ve developed the resources in this online course in such a way that you won’t feel overwhelmed and you’ll have access to me plus access to like-minded, supportive people in our private Facebook group to help you on this journey.

I’ll share with you our worksheets, video tutorials, inspiring (motivating) infographics as well as the facts behind what your body needs to be its very best.

You’ll learn the very foundations to fundamental health!  At the end of this course you’ll be empowered to make the right choices giving you the control and knowledge to change your health for the better.  Life-long change!

Goodbye to those symptoms that have been holding you back for so long!


"Geez this is hard to admit, but as some of you have said, it's time to face facts and learn to be healthier. I am exhausted all the time, no matter how much sleep I get. But I sense there is a change a coming! So I am finally (had to build up over a few days) sipping 2 litres of water a day and don't even want a cup of coffee!! I think I understand 'crowd it out'. Now on to learning about the macronutrients .. it's motivating to do in small chunks, Thanks Shelley Gawith. I am looking forward to meeting you next week (but not showing you my food diary 😅)"
Catherine Taylor
"So I thought that I'd do a comparison of my food diary from March 2017, when I first started to see Shelley to December 2018. What a difference! In the food that I get to how I was feeling (awful) then, to how I feel now (pretty good for the most part). Look at all that dairy, grains and eggs! 😱"
Tali Magoo
“I am almost halfway through Shelley’s Online Course ‘The Beginners Guide to Your Best You’. After struggling with gut issues for a VERY long time, I thought enough is enough and had heard how excellent Shelley was. With the incredibly helpful tools & info that Shelley gives through each module of the online course (& the in clinic meeting) I feel like I’m being empowered and cheered on as I learn more about how to read my body’s signs and learn a wealth of information about well-being and diet. I’m really enjoying it because she actually makes it fun and it’s definitely not as hard as I’d feared it might be!! I can’t wait for the satisfaction of feeling well again, knowing that I had a part to play in it too with all the detective work she’s taught me to do. 😁 By the way, I did a few of the Coco Pulse tests today and everything I tried made my pulse increase by 6 or more (eggs were 13 & peanuts were 20!!!😬). I will keep pursuing with other foods next week when I’m back from Auckland."
Liz Watson

A Personal Invite from Shelly

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)

This Course is a Game Changer for You

I hope my story can inspire you, and encourage you to take a positive turning point in your health journey, whether you are struggling with a chronic condition, or you just want to enjoy better health and have more energy.

A part of me wishes I had come across the help I needed before my health crashed, so that I could have made small simple changes that may have prevented the chronic ill-health that I have been through. Although, without it, perhaps I would not be in this incredible position where I am now able to support others in not only reclaiming their health but living a better healthier life.

Want to Know More About the Person Who'll Be Helping You Through the Course?

Still on the Fence about Joining Us?

You might be wobbling on that fence which is completely understandable. I’m promising you a light at the end of your tunnel, is this too good to be true? In short, absolutely not. If you haven’t already, watch the video I share above where I talk about my story. I was exactly where you are now. I’d been to see everyone, taken all the tests, lost my career, lost my ability to do anything.

By educating myself on what I’m about to share with you in this course, I now know how to listen to my body, how to keep myself healthy, how to be the very best me (that I can be). I want the same thing for you and I know working through this course (and I’ve made it so easy) will give you that same state of health.

Q: Will this course benefit me if I've worked with you already?

Absolutely it will! This will benefit you if you feel like you have forgotten the foundations that we worked on together. If you feel like you have fallen off track and need help finding your way back, but don’t need to go deeper this is ideal for you. You will become accountable to yourself in very practical ways and will further develop the skills to be your own health detective. This is the course to get you back on track. It’s super fun and practical, plus this way you get to keep it forever!

Q: Will this course benefit me if I'm going to work with you?

Yes, yes, yes!  By working through the course before becoming an in-clinic client you’re starting to learn and to heal while you’re waiting.  This means when Marlies or I see you we can dive in deep and make much faster progress than we would starting right from the beginning.

Q: I've started courses before and not finished, what makes this different?

Great question. Having done courses before is a good thing, not finishing simply means it wasn’t the right course. Either it didn’t solve your problems (or meet your needs) or the content was wrong for you. 

Q: I want to do the course but I don't have the energy or the time to tackle this right now, can I do it later?

Please don’t shelf this or put it in the too hard basket!  By starting to incorporate what this course teaches you (and did I mention I make this super super easy for you to work through?) you’ll start to notice immediate change.  Please don’t put off your health, you don’t have the energy because your body’s saying help me.  Let’s do that and take the first step in (honestly) the rest of your beautiful life.