Identifying what is right for you

We’ve had a few great months with the free pregnancy education evenings that’s been on offer in the office. It’s really cool watching so many people wanting to get educated about the future of their health and their baby’s health. Knowledge is empowerment.

BUTTT I wanted to share something with you that is relevant to everyone—not just parents. When I was speaking to attendees, a common message was, ‘I’ve been told to do XYZ’. For example, some parents are told that the best way to sleep train their babies is to let them scream until he or she simply runs out of steam.

The reality is, science and research now advise that this is not the best way. In fact, there is a whole heap of awareness around how that can actually cause trauma for the baby as they don’t know how to self soothe yet. They have not been taught that tool – it comes later.

I was a baby that was left to scream but I’m not going to say all my health problems came about because of that. Let’s be honest, I had plenty of other causes to blame – which led to my poor health and eventually my health collapse – than simply being left to scream as a baby when my parents were trying to sleep train me!

People are always going to tell you what works best for them and what helped them. I often have clients coming into clinic telling me about how their best friend ate turmeric or maca or celery juice or whatever it is. This is why I developed Find Your Personalised Power Foods in 3 Steps because if it’s causing you a reaction then it doesn’t matter what it’s doing for your neighbour’s health or your husband’s, it’s not helping yours!

So, what I want you to remember is we are all individual and all unique. Science and medicine have a research lag of 15-20 years, and so with health matters you want to use your body as a benchmark. How we work with clients in clinic is all about connecting you back to your body so you know what is happening.

When it comes to your baby, the best gift a mum can give her unborn child is HEALTH. Remember—mum’s pass on their mitochondria health to the next generation! So, we literally get to give our babies the gift of health. The main deal is making sure you and your partner discuss options ahead of time so you are educated. Remember education = knowledge = empowerment!!

Not just with your baby’s health but also yours.

We love educating and empowering you in clinic, so please let us know if there is anything else we could do.