"I like to treat this Meal Plan as a reset! Think of it as a one week dietary reset. You can even use it as a guide to intermittent fasting as it does get you to stop snacking in between your meals."

In clinic I like to talk about crowding out, rather than saying NOOO to foods,  So think of the foods below  as being crowded out rather than removed. You don’t have room in your stomachs for these foods over the reset week.

We are removing:

We are adding in:

We don’t want you snacking in between meals. But for now, just know that if you are eating the right amount of fat for your body, then you won’t need to snack in between meals. If you are getting hungry then increase your good quality fats!

Also when you get hungry, check to see if you are actually dehydrated! 

Let’s talk about FATS for a second. I know we are not educating at the moment. BUT what I see in clinic all the time, are clients who are scared of fats. I’m not talking about trans-fats, or going to McDonalds ,but really good quality fats. Fats are essential for our bodies. Guess what our brains are – 70% fat – so if we are not getting it from our diets, where are we getting our fats from? Supplements? I want you getting them in your diet as much as possible.

Fats are key for so many processes in our bodies. They also taste delicious and signal to our brain when we are full. If you are worried about increasing your fats, start slow, but remember they are ultimately going to mean you eat less overall and enjoy yourself more.

All of this information and more is contained within the Meal Plan, along with  delicious, super-easy and doable recipes (that the whole family will enjoy).  You can use, and refer back to this guide any time you  feel you need a body reset, but let’s be  honest, some of the recipes are so tasty and easy to prepare that you will find yourself using them all the time!

Are you ready for your diet reset Meal Plan?

This is so much more than a meal plan!