in 3 simple steps

The foods you are eating could be wrong for your body and adding to your symptoms.

When You Eat the WRONG Foods, You:

Those healthy foods you are eating could be the wrong foods for you.

When you discover your personalised POWER foods, you will:

Science will tell you that there is no one diet for everyone. Medical research will tell you that we all need to eat for our individual bodies. We’re all different. We’ve all had our friends tell us the latest super food, but what happens if that “healthy food” is actually causing your body inflammation? Turmeric is awesome for some but for me, this superfood caused nothing but pain and an upset stomach!

"Shelley's online course is so rich with information. She explained everything in a very simplistic way but yet grounded in robust clinical reasoning. Now I drink water in sips instead of gulps to nourish my cells. I heard people talk about gut inflammation but did not fully understand it until I started keeping a diary of what I ate. Going through the online course, I discovered foods that were energising and those that made me feel fatigued. It is life changing because now I am able to do so much more during the day. Thank you Shelley for sharing your knowledge and keep up the great work you are doing. XOXO"
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Gia Kuek

I'm going to teach you to discover your Personalised POWER Foods in 3 simple steps

Your personalised POWER foods will help you feel stronger and give you the health you want!

Are you ready to learn what your personalised POWER foods are?

What if I told you that in 3 steps you could figure out which specific foods will:

"Tea was one of my addictions. It seemed to be my comfort companion. I would be drinking around 10- 12 cups a day. I had really tender legs, swollen ankles and IBS. My body was dehydrated, brain fog and lack of energy was all part of it. From doing the tests in this course, I learnt that tea wasn't one of my power foods. Instead it was giving me a lot of my symptoms. The swelling has gone down in my ankles and I can actually move around more freely so the inflammation seems to be settling in the rest of my body as well. Another trigger Shelley picked up was ……… in milk. (What is it again Shelley?) I always had milk in my teas and milk drinks to settle my tummy or so I thought!! I’m loving trying different teas at the moment and enjoy learning through people’s very helpful advice in the courses comments section and on the facebook group. I am feeling so much better, have more energy, sleeping better and I know I’m performing better in my work place."
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Margaret Paterson
"I found The 3 Steps to Finding your Power foods helpful and informative. This course provided and reminded me of the basics - how much water to drink, what weight gain actually means, the ways that I can test for a food that I suspect might not be doing me any good. It provides me with the tools I need to maintain my good health, which is why I often go back and use it as a reference."
Tali Maulgue

Say goodbye to superfoods.
Say hello to your personalised POWER foods.
Personalised to feel your best all day long!

You won't believe how easy it is!

I'm Shelley

I’m a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

After having my own health journey that lead me from working in an investment bank to now a full-time Nutritionist, I have had the privilege of working with over a thousand clients in clinic, and many more people in the work I do with corporate organisations throughout New Zealand.

I have never used marketing to attract clients. In fact, I never intended to set out to have a business. I just wanted to help one person, so they didn’t have to go through what I went through in my two year healing journey. From helping that one person, they then went on to tell their friends and family, and from there a business grew. It’s been 100% word of mouth.

I now have a waiting list which fills me with great joy, but also sadness that I only have so many hours to help others. I also don’t want money to be a barrier to you, your friends and family having the health you deserve. This is why I have come up with this online course. There is such a need for this information to be accessible to everyone.

I have taken what I do in clinic, what we see has the BEST results, and in this online course, I teach you all the same methods I teach clients in clinic. You’ll get the same results that my clients in clinic get and you will have your own testimony to share!

It fills me with so much joy that we can do this together from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. I’m so excited that with my personal health journey, and all the training I’ve now had, I can help you not have to go through my health scare.

Who doesn’t want better energy? Clients who come in thinking they had great energy to begin with, can’t believe the energy they have when they finish working with me. Life is too short!

"Learning how to self test what foods inflame me and how this affects my overall health and digestion has been a game changer. Thanks to Shelley's guidance on this and how to fix it I now have way more energy and motivation, not to mention way better health than I ever thought I could achieve!"
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Jo Darvill

Are you ready to learn how to create your own

personalised list of POWER foods?

You’ve tried other diets, you’ve spent countless time and money on these things, but still the weight comes back, your bloating creeps back in, your energy isn’t as good as it should be.

We have taken what we do in clinic and made this super easy course for you.  We are going to create your own personalised power foods.

The biggest criticism we hear in clinic is clients wish they had done this ages ago.  You need to know your personalised power foods today!

We know that you are ready to take action. The next step is easy, you just need to sign up.

It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

"I loved having a meal plan as part of the reset. I am a busy working with mum with two daughters so having structure and not having to think about dinner each night was totally up my alley. I loved learning the food sensitivity tests as I can use them forever and they were easy to teach the children as well. We realised some foods that my daughters were also sensitive to and they understood why they would want to remove them and eat their power foods."
Jacqui Lee

A Simple 3 Step Process

Teaching you how to eat the right food for your body




Your Course Contains:

Food Tests

Scientifically proven tests you can do easily at home


Make your life easy with tasty meals that have passed all of our client taste tests

Detox Meal Plan

Everything you need to know for a doable, easy detox

Tutorial Videos

Learn how to recognise symptoms going forward. Actionable steps on how to heal your body

Reset Meal Plan

We make it super easy for you to introduce your power foods

Email Check-Ins

To check-in to support you and hold you accountable

Coaching Call

A private 30 minute zoom call with me, so I can really dial in on what your health goals are and make sure you get the most out of the course and get the results you want

Facebook Group

A private facebook group so you can be with other people going through the program so you can share your successes and get support from my team and me

"The toe test thing is a bit crazy! I tried it with cow's milk which I drink pretty regularly in my coffee or tea and was surprised / sadly not surprised to find that, although my reach was about the same, I was in more pain. Pretty wild how fast my body responded."
Rachel Kasa
"I think when everyone’s so busy these days, we literally need to be told exactly what to do!!! 😂 Don’t you think? So having a meal plan like this is SUPER helpful for me. Thanks so much for the time you’ve obviously put into this. "
Lizzie Watson

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to do the course but I don't have the energy or the time to tackle this right now, can I do it later?

Absolutely you can do it anytime, but you want to do it live with us so you get the extra community support. Remember you can come back to this anytime. You own it! But don’t put your health on hold. Life is too short to put your health on hold. Every client that we work with always says they wish they had come to see us earlier. You have the chance now. It’s my job to make this course easy for you. All our clients are super busy, so you are not alone, you can do this! 

Q: How long is the program?

It’s self paced. The initial reset meal plan is one week. This you want to follow. But while you are doing that, you can be learning the tests to work out your power foods, so that you’re all sorted by the end of that week. Also, if you want to do it at a slower pace you can also do that. You can pace the course to suit your lifestyle. 

Q: How many hours do I have to commit to?

Minimum one hour! And then the rest is up to you. Even with a small amount of time you will see great results. Remember our clients in clinic are busy, so are we.  We have to make sure you get great results while also leading busy lives. 

Q: Can I do the course if I travel a lot?

Absolutely! Most of my clients travel lots.  You can do this from your couch, a hotel or a friend’s house. Remember, we need to be able to eat our power foods in daily life so this course fits in with your daily life.

Q: How do I get access to the course?

After purchasing the course, our team will send you a special log in. You will be able to see the whole course laid out for you (from your phone, computer or device). You can get started and follow the steps right away. 

Q: Do you give refunds?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all 3 steps in the course. We offer a 30 day refund period for all purchases. In order to qualify for a refund, you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and it did not work for you within 30 days of your enrolment. 

Q: Can I pay in instalments?

Of course, I don’t want price to be a barrier between you and your health.  When you click on the button below to make your payment you’ll see an option to pay for the course in 3 weekly instalments.

Q: Will this course benefit me if I'm going to work with you?

Absolutely. This course is for EVERYONE. The formulas in this course is what we do with all our distant clients, we are already teaching clients around the world the TESTS in this course. If you are coming to see us in clinic as well, it will mean we can go straight into your Functional Testing, so it speeds up your healing process.

Invest a little time, to feel a whole lot better. You are worth it!!

"I have found the course to be an excellent source of knowledge that I can go through at my own pace. I especially love that I can log back in at anytime and brush up on my knowledge when I need to!"
Emma Taylor
"Doing the course helped me quickly understand the foods that were good for my body and those foods that were causing me problems and making me feel tired. Removing foods that were causing inflammation helped my energy levels and reduced pain in my belly. I loved learning how I could identify what foods gave me amazing energy. I loved that the course is self paced and modular. I could pick it up whenever I had a spare moment. It was easy to pick up where I left off because the modules and sections build on each other and are super easy to use and understand. "
Angela Hawkings
"Shelley, I'm loving the online course as I progress through it! My original aim was to complete the online course for base information, then come in and see you or Marlies to further work through digestive and hormonal issues. I see that quite a few of my digestive issues may be resolved by the end of this course!"
Karen Hermon

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