Pro-Active Health Tips in the Face of COVID-19

So I have stayed quiet around coronavirus for the past week or so as I gathered information. I listened and watched everything I possibly could about coronavirus and the new information coming out in the medical world and in the Functional space. There is a reason I have international memberships with Functional Doctors, and it’s for times like this. I want to be able to bring you the best information possible, so you all feel empowered and educated. ⠀⠀
As I’ve read and watched so much information, I can see all the fear. But where I see the most fear, and who I’m most fearful for, are people who aren’t proactive in their daily lives with their own health. We all have a choice every day in the decisions we make, we can actively walk towards BETTER health or we can prioritise other values. There is no judgement here. ⠀⠀
What we can safely say is the important nutrients for boosting your immune system and helping you be pro-active with Coronavirus are:⠀

Vitamin A⠀
Vitamin D⠀
Vitamin C⠀
A good quality probiotic ⠀
Fermented foods ⠀
Bone broth⠀

You also want to lighten the load on your body in terms of inflammation. Anything that is causing you a symptom is causing inflammation in your body. You need your immune system to be powered up and working for you!⠀

We are going to be doing a Masterclass on this, this week so that you can have all your questions answered.⠀

Also stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram “Lives” as we are bringing you experts, and up-to-date information to cover different topics. So far, we have talked about your hand health and your oral health. These are conversations to be having with your children. We also talked to an expert on how to stop anxiety and fear. So please post your questions on social media, as we will be talking to more experts in the days and weeks ahead.⠀

This week we will be covering how saunas need to be an important part of your protocol. We also have one of the leading medical experts in this area joining us. ⠀
Imagine if we could all use this as a WAKE UP call. Imagine if instead we invested in ourselves and in our health, because guess what? When we are investing in ourselves, and in our health, we are being conscious consumers, we are being toxic free and we aren’t over buying. We are looking after the planet, we are supporting local businesses, we are standing together as a community! WE are looking after one another and ourselves. When we make a stand we get different results. So yes get informed, yes get educated, yes be weary, but remember to PAUSE. Is this your wake up call? Don’t be stupid like I was, don’t wait to be told by the medical world you are so sick you will die to get the wake up call. Isn’t this a global wake up call!

Think about it. You are worth it! What can you do today? How can you take better care of your health??