Gum Serum, 0.5 oz

Gum Serum

$50.00 Plus GST

Our Gum Serum is a soothing blend of 11 essential oils that creates a healthy balance inside your mouth by getting rid of toxins and impurities found on the surface of your mouth.


Goodbye mouthwash… hello, Gum-drops!

Stop working so hard to keep your gums healthy…. We have a treat for you!

Do you wish you had a topical vitamin for your gums? Just a few drops of our gum serum will leave your gums looking healthy and feeling clean!

Really clean.

  • So clean, you will love to smell your own breath!
  • Pink, healthy-looking gums
  • The only “pockets” you will have will be the ones in your pants…
  • …and your dental visits will WOW your hygienist!

This is a “Must Have” for dental health!

“This product is a must. I only wish I had this product years ago.” Joan A.

Dirty Mouth Gum Serum, is like a healthy gum-drop for your mouth! It makes your gums happy, clean feeling, healthy, fresh, moist, and minty… and that feeling lasts all day long!

*A must-have to ease the soreness of gums from false teeth.

Experience the “can’t live without it” feeling and make sure to keep an extra one on hand at all times.


  • Fresh breath all-day
  • Gum-line plaque buster
  • Pink, perky gums
  • Keep your pockets tight!
  • No sores, no bleeding, no worries!
  • Be your own dental hygienist!

*Each bottle contains 120+ uses, may have pump or dropper lid.