Shelley Says So 2020

I challenge you to join me in January

Shelley Says So Resolutions 31-Day Challenge 2020

We’ll create positive new habits to take your health to the next level.
And we’ll do it together!

Shelley Says So – 31-Day Resolutions Challenge 2020

What 2019 challengers had to say

“It was a great way to have a focus on each day, and got me thinking about all sorts of different things.”

“I loved the variety of the challenges, it wasn’t just food related, it was a great mix of overall wellbeing. It was great to have a few whacky things in there too like oil pulling that I had never heard of before, didn’t get around to trying it but my lovely husband did which was a shock in itself 😂 would he not try the food ones instead 😉 It was great to have other health professionals come into challenges every now and then. The Facebook group was also great hearing about how others were getting on. The thing I struggled with was getting a new challenge every day with my crazy busy lifestyle. I was only thinking about or trying to implement a days challenge and the next one would be sitting in my inbox. Now this is completely my personal situation, I just felt a bit overwhelmed by it and switched off from clicking in so I wouldn’t guilt myself. If you were a person who was on a health journey and had time to do it then I would love the daily challenges, it was just a bit much for me personally with my three bears draining the life out of me every day 😉 apart from that little bit of personal feedback I think it was awesome and think some of my friends would love something like this!”
“I loved it all, it all started with small incremental change so that it was easy to incorporate.”

Shelley Says So – 31-Day Resolutions Challenge 2020

“At first I found it stressful to have to think about incorporating something new each day, because you know what I’m like with challenges 🙂 But then I realised I could choose things I hadn’t done before to try and park certain things to try later when I could fit them in. So it has set me up with some cool new wellness tips for this year.”

“Loved it, learnt a lot, got reminded about a few things and challenged to change some things.”

“The idea of it. Simple, not expensive to participate and the challenges themselves weren’t costly either. Great concept.”

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