UPDATE for all our Clients

Hello, I just wanted to take a few moments to talk to you all about the situation surrounding COVID and it coming to Wellington sooner rather than later.

In preparation, I have been working with functional doctors from around the world (since coming back from Hawaii at the beginning of 2020), on weekly forums discussing these things and what the best protocol is for covid. 

The immune boosting protocol we released earlier this month on Instagram, and to all clients (linked here) is not a protocol that I’ve come up with, but is an internationally recognised one.  It looks at all the different areas we need to support in our bodies. It is a robust protocol, that they have been using and are having some very good results with, for people wanting to boost their immune system … and let’s be honest we all want that!

Of course we can never say we will not get Covid but we are in a stronger position if we are looking after our health and wellbeing!  (If you want an in-depth explanation of this, please reach out to us in clinic). 

What we’re seeing in clinic, and what I’m seeing around New Zealand and around the world, is there is a lot of fear around our health.  Some of us feel like our health, and the wellbeing of our loved ones is compromised and very vulnerable, but I want to take a moment and sit with that and say, “We are all in this with you, and we care for the vulnerable. We care for you. We care.”  However, like everything I do in the clinic, I very much want this to be a time for you to be PROACTIVE with your health and use this situation to motivate you to want to have the best health ever.

What I’m seeing around the world and in New Zealand is, as a society, we’re losing a number of doctors who are walking away from the profession, which I think is worrisome.  This is going to put a greater burden on our health care system. This means we need to take our health back into our hands. We need to get proactive and we need to get prepared and accountable for our own health. 

The number one tool I recommend, and that is available for all of us is, that any one of us can go to the lab and request a number of medical tests.  The reason I like this, (and you know that I do my blood tests, and blood work with clients annually, and sometimes if something else is going on, I will do my own more regularly) is that it gives you a benchmark. You have a baseline for what is happening in your health, and then you know if anything’s going wrong or if something is happening.

For some clients we have seen some of those blood markers change after having the vaccine. Now, that’s neither good nor bad when you have data.  It is what it is, and that’s fine. But by having the benchmark of your blood work, we know what is happening, so now we can be proactive, and we, as a clinic (and as your care team), can support you to get the best results possible. 

This is what it comes down to.  Supporting you with your health. We have got pressure on our healthcare system at the moment, and this is what this whole conversation is about, not just with me, but in society at the moment.

So, I challenge you … What’s one thing you can do today, or this week, to take control of your health? What are you going to be accountable for? What are you going to challenge your loved ones, your friends, and your teammates to be accountable for when it comes to their health?  Why?  Because, I started getting into health to empower you, to educate you, to help you have the best health possible, to help your family have the best health possible. So take me up on the challenge. Let us know, what are you going to do today to be proactive for your health?  That is step one when it comes to looking after your future health.

The next step is when it comes to coming into the clinic.  We want you to feel as safe as possible. We want you to feel as supported as possible. We want you to feel that we’ve looked after you.

So, with this in mind for the past few months, every single new client wanting to see me, has actually been enrolled as a virtual client. We wanted to be able to help more people around New Zealand and the world. We have also included an online education program for extra support. We also include regular group Zoom calls to answer your questions and educate you.  

For your own comfort please know that you always have the option of seeing me online. You never have to come into the clinic. Some old clients love the fact now they never come into the clinic just because they don’t want to find car parking, so for whatever reason, please know you can always see me online. I’ve been seeing international clients and clients around New Zealand for years, since I first started using the internet via Zoom, FaceTime, or phone calls. Whatever suits you. So that is no problem. That is no different. You always get everything. You’re not going to miss out on anything from seeing me virtually. Just let the office know and we will reschedule you to a virtual appointment. You are not going to miss out on anything by not coming into the clinic, so please know you now have that flexibility. You’ve always had that flexibility, but now even more you very much have that flexibility.

So we have totally changed the way that we are working with you because your safety is paramount. We always want you to feel cared for, empowered, and looked after.

With this in mind, I highly encourage you, very quickly and in the lead up to Christmas, but now more than ever, during the next couple of weeks, to be looking after your body. Looking after the immune system. Come in and use the Detox Centre. Make the most of that as much as possible, because the more of the toxic load you take off your body, the more stress you take off your body, the more burden you take off your body, the easier it is for your body to heal. Makes sense, right? 

You’ve heard my Dad say in the ‘Client Health Interview Series’ (linked here), we often do these things as preventative health. So the more of a burden you’re going to take off your body in advance, the quicker you’re going to heal with anything else going on.

We’ve also had a lot of people ask us what to do if you get a reaction around the vaccine. Some of us do, some of us don’t, and that’s totally fine. We’ve got the Ampcoil which has a program journey around the COVID vaccine, and doing it before and after is a great idea. So contact the office if you want that specific protocol.  We are here to help you. 

In terms of your safety, if you want to let us know anything, or if you’re worried about anything (vaccinated or not vaccinated), please just reach out to the office. We want to support you. We love you all. We know that it’s individualised. Different people need to do different things for their health.

We want to support you. We want to support your loved ones. You do not have to be a client to get the blood tests. You can do that yourself. You can encourage your colleagues. But please GET EMPOWERED, look after yourself, and WE’RE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU and your loved ones in any way possible. If you’re feeling in any way concerned about anything, please reach out to us. We love you. We’re here to support you, and thank you for letting us come on this journey with you.