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Helping you to achieve optimal health

Your comfort, trust and confidence in us will be key to your health and wellness journey, therefore we offer a complimentary twenty minute phone conversation before we start working together, so you can make sure we are the best fit for you and your wellness goals. To start your wellness journey please contact us.

Six months ago I was not in a good place, I had thyroid issues, weight gain and was generally miserable. Working with Shelley has helped me immensely. Mainly through changes to my diet I have resolved 95% of my symptoms and feel amazing!

Sophie Pritchard

Our services – Let us partner with you in achieving abundant health and wellness

Initial Consultation: In person or via Skype (60 minutes)

The purpose of the initial consult is to develop a foundational benchmark for us to assess your health and wellness goals. This consultation includes a full health assessment, Nutritional Assessment online survey as well as diet results and review.

Functional Evaluation: (60 minutes)

Involves utilising pressure points to identify potential deficiencies in your body. Upon identifying problem areas we use Lingual Neural Testing (“LNT”), to determine exactly which nutrients your body needs. We only use natural, powerful whole-food dietary supplements when appropriate.

Specific Protocol: (30 minutes)

Based on the knowledge we gain from your initial Consultation and the Functional Evaluation, we then determine a specific individualised protocol. This protocol may include both dietary and supplemental support if required. Together we plan what further ongoing support you may need.

Follow Up Appointments:

This will be specific for each client. Here we review your progress and determine next best steps.

Personalised meal plans, including specialised diets:

This service is available on its' own or in conjunction with the above client consultations.

Diet is key to optimal health. Whether you need specific help due to diet restrictions, or you require extra support while transitioning to a new diet, we can develop a specific meal plan to suit your needs. We also work with specialised diets which include: Gluten Free/ Casein free to support Celiac Disease or Non Celiac Disease food sensitivities; Low Foodmaps, AIP protocol, Low Oxalate, Low Salicylate/ phenol and Low Amine and Glutamate diets.

Weekend Workshops:

On a regular basis we offer a variety of whole food workshops. Be sure to check out the website or contact to book into a class.

Corporate Clients:

After working in the corporate environment, Shelley is passionate about shifting thinking around health and wellness within the workplace. Implementing practical and creative strategies to improve office productivity through increased employee personal motivation, awareness and wellbeing, which brings about positive, lasting change deep within organisations. Please contact to have her speak at your next event or to book one of our corporate health and wellbeing customised packages for your organisation.