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Run, don't walk

“I liken the 21-day reset to putting on your oxygen mask first when that emergency sign goes on. We all have busy lives. People rely on us – at work, at home, in our community – and we don’t want to let them down. But what if you’re not giving the best version of yourself? What if you are actually cheating yourself from a life better lived? Your health is your most precious commodity, not just for you but for the people you care about. Shelley’s 21-day reset is a sure fire way to hit that reset button and prioritise your health. It is short. It is simple. You will be supported every step of the way by Shelley and her team. By the end of those quick three weeks I discovered a new sense of energy and wellbeing I didn’t realise was possible. Run, don’t walk!”

~Charlotte S.

This was so easy

“I recently finished the very first 10-day detox program (didn’t think I could handle the 21 day so 10 seemed like a more manageable option!). I have done many detoxes, diets, and meal plans in the past which I have struggled to stick to and not really seen great results for, but I couldn’t speak more highly of Shelley’s detox!

The support from Shelley and her team, as well as the other members participating REALLY helped me stick to it as I knew the symptoms I was feeling were normal, any questions were answered, and extra motivation and support was given from the team. There was so much amazing info in the zoom calls from Shelley, but never too overwhelming that it seemed unachievable to implement into your schedule or life. The supplements were all high-quality and ACTUALLY made a difference in how you felt day to day, which made the results feel even more motivating as you could feel the difference.

The changes I felt were great, I felt lighter, more energetic, less brain fog, less cravings for snacks at the end of the day, improved stress response, and so much more in tune with my body! I was getting terrible headaches if I didn’t drink a coffee in the morning, or even after having 1-2 glasses of wine at night, so I really wanted to detox my liver and balance my hormones to try and get pregnant. I could not believe it when I got pregnant that very month, straight after finishing the detox!

Thanks soooo much Shelley you are such a superstar and love the work you are doing and the light you bring to it all!”

~L. W

This actually made a difference

“The 21 day detox was a real game changer for me (just like Shelley)!

It’s been a few months since I completed the detox and I no longer experience sugar cravings, my sleep has improved dramatically, I have more energy and I’m more in tune with my body now so can easily recognize when certain foods don’t agree with me.

Weight loss wasn’t a goal for the detox because I had a number of other issues to focus on but as a result of it clearing out a lot of toxins and the load on my body, I lost over 8kgs all while never feeling hungry.

Some days were a little challenging but they are long forgotten with the benefits I’m still reaping.

I’m quite excited to start the next challenge so I can pick up from the last one.”

~Rebecca H.

Weight loss wasn't my goal

“I’ve been working with Shelley for the last few months, plus have done the detox in the box, and WOW! What a difference I have noticed. The brain fog has lifted, I’m able to think clearer, my digestion is no longer uncomfortable, foods I thought I couldn’t eat I’m actually okay eating, and I’m now pooping like a champ! If you don’t want to live a mediocre life, chat with Shelley or give the detox in a box a try. Whatever tool you choose you will feel empowered to take on life.”

~Nicole N.

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