The Evolution of a becoming Functional Nutritionist. From burn out to Nutritional superstar

My journey into Functional Nutrition started with my own personal health journey. From working in the Finance industry and suffering from corporate burn out in 2010 to being told by my medical doctor there was nothing more they could do for me as every part of my body was broken. And that it was likely die in hospital. The only thing the medical world could label me with was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but they had no answers on how to heal me. I knew I had to take control of my own health. This turning point ignited a quest for answers, I went to see various specialists around the world via telehealth and a long list of treatments, all of which didn’t fix me. I was relentlessly determined to fix myself so I started studying to get myself better and discovered the profound impact of functional nutrition.

Internationally Recognised Functional Nutrition Trainer

From my own story to wellness and reclaiming my health it turned into my mission to share my expertise globally. Not only have I become a leading figure in New Zealand’s functional nutrition landscape, training the first Functional Nutrition Practitioners in New Zealand, but I’ve also extended my influence to train practitioners across the United States and Australia for both the Nutrional Therapy Association and Integrative Heatlh Solutions.

Highly Qualified in all aspects of Functional Nutrition

My qualifications are a testament to my commitment to excellence. I continue to upgrade my qualifications with my latest being a Bachelor in Nutrition. I have a profound understanding of the intricate connections between nutrition and well-being, I have positioned myself as a sought-after authority in the field.

Helping thousands of people to overcome their symptoms

As an accomplished speaker and corporate wellness go to presenter, I leverage my knowledge and experience to empower individuals and practitioners alike. My expertise extends beyond mere theory; it’s a culmination of my personal health journey, extensive training and nine years of working one on one with clients both here in New Zealand and internationally, running corporate wellness programs and group Detox programs leveraging all of my clinical knowledge to now help thousands of people overcome symptoms they were also told were normal, but were sick of feeling bloated, tired, brain foggy, holding onto weight that they knew wasn’t normal and a bunch of other symptoms. If this resonates with you and you need to make fundamental changes to your health, nutrition and wellness. I invite you to come on a journey with me.


Shelley Gawith leads our team of trained, qualified, and focused clinic staff. Part of our commitment to achieving the best treatment results is maintaining the highest level of certification. Our clinic features current certifications from the following international, national, and local associations and organisations for functional nutrition.



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