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A lot is possible with functional nutrition

Whether you are beginning your wellness journey, or you’ve been on it for a while, if you are simply sick of reaching for coffee and chocolate at 3pm, Functional Nutrition is for you. For some, the list of symptoms that are holding you back is too long to believe that life can be any different. For others you may have lived with that one symptom for so long that its restrictions have just become the norm. But through the support of Functional Nutrition you can turn things around and reclaim your energy and vitality to do all things you love to do.

Shelley Gawith Functional Nutritionist, a health detective at heart. By using your personal health concerns and current symptoms we can establish your current health benchmark. From here, the focus becomes “why” and “what”. Why are these symptoms present? What caused the dysfunction? By getting to know you and your body we begin to answer these questions. Understanding that there is no one size fits all formula for wellness, we treat you as a unique individual with a very special health history.

When we can answer these questions, then we can assist your body to heal itself. Once we have restored balance, we work with you to maintain this balance and help build resistance against future diseases.

Some of the most common conditions we can help you with:
– Digestive disorders (including bloating, reflux, heartburn, diarrhoea, constipation), IBS, Autoimmunity, Food intolerances, Celiac disease
– Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Thyroid health
– Detoxification, Acne, Skin conditions
– Hormonal imbalances, PMS, Women’s & Men’s health
– Sleep, Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Migraines and Headaches
– Weight Management
– Getting your glow back again

Functional Nutrition is a science based practical approach to your health and wellness. It is based on the human anatomy and what we know to be the foundations for your bodies health: This includes a nutrient rich diet, hydration, digestion, blood sugar regulation, minerals and your fatty acid balance. It is an integrative approach of: diet, extensive functional evaluative testing (pressure points and Lingual Neural Testing). Where required, functional laboratory testing is used to bring whole body healing.

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We understand that our bodies want to be healthy and knows how to restore itself to optimal function.