Welcome to our Supplement club!

Future proof your health and simplify your life with our Supplement Club, save time, money and pay as you go. JOIN our pay as you go service. You get the convenience of weekly payments, continuance dosing and savings on your courier fees. It’s 100% stress free, with the flexibility to cancel anytime.  You simply get your supplements in six week bundles BUT get to pay in weekly instalments. 

5 Reasons to Join Our Supplement Club


Ultimately it’s a convenient, efficient, stress free way to manage your health supplements and life.

No more needing to remember to put in your orders in time before your supplements run out.

We have included in the Supplement Club your favourite products. 

These are based on Shelley’s recommended dosing of EACH product for maintenance of Health, this is not for specific protocols but to ENSURE you are staying on top of your health

betaine plus

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 6 weekly delivery cycles. With SIX EASY weekly payments
  2. Charged to your credit card that we have on file. Click here to register your card on file. Click here to join
  3. Your first payment charged on the day, your supplements leave the warehouse. (not the date, you receive the goods by the courier)
  4. Your chosen bundle is automatically repeated and resent unless you cancel or change your bundle with written notice 72 hours before your new bundle being dispatched. 
  5. SIX weeks of supplements in each delivery. These are at Shelley’s maintenance prescribed dosing.
  6. Your FAVOURITE supplements or group of supplements can be a bundle of your choice from the above mentioned supplements

Yes from time to time you can add extra supplements into your bundle as long as you give us 72 hours written notice, so we have time to add it and as long as the supplements are in stock.

Yes you can! You need to give us 72 written notice before your current bundle renews.

It’s your your responsibility to ensure that we always have your correct delivery address. To update your address please see our Terms and Conditions with instructions on how to do this. 

Our shipping takes 3-5 days depending on NZ post. For our full Terms and conditions, Please refer to our shipping T&CS on our website

No, these are all set on a SIX week cycle. But you can cancel or update your supplement bundle at anytime. Click here to update or change your supplement bundle.