Detox in a Box



Ion Foot cleanse enables your body to free up toxins stored in your cells in just 30 minutes a day.

We have put together a 21 day program that is optimal time for maximum results. It’s gentle, painless, non invasive and a very relaxing treatment. Whenever you take the toxic load of your body and help release the build up.

Enabling you to get:

The Foot Detox makes it easy for you to achieve your health goals.

Anytime your body is holding onto toxins you are holding onto extra weight!

You can read all about the health benefits here.

In the Detox In A Box you will receive:

We recommend using your Ion Foot Cleanse 4-5x per week for maximum results. No more than once a day. When trying to kick start the removal of the toxin load from your body and increase your health benefits