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7 Steps to Wellness

7 steps to Optimal Wellness, working with Shelley one on one over a six month period online.
Shelley will walk you through these 7 steps that she knows are essential for giving you the best health possible. 
Step One: Your Nutrition
Step Two: Gut health
Step Three: Inflammation
Step Four: Digestion
Step Five: Your Nervous System 
Step 6: Improve your Energy
Step 7: Liver loving
Step 8: BONUS

During this time of working with Shelley one on one, you will also get the opportunity of being included in the Wellness Collective Online Sessions. These calls happen bi monthly and are 30 minute laser teaching calls. Clients say these are their favourite part of the program as they learn so much and get fast action steps to keep their individualised protocols moving. 


21 Day Detox Challenge

Shelley offers this twice a year based on the seasons. You can book in any time for the next round. They will always be in March and August, if you want the exact dates, please contact the office. If you want to do this self paced then this can be arranged at anytime, you don’t need to wait and do it as a group. 


10 Point Health Check Assessment

A 25 minute initial appointment with Shelley where she assesses where you are at with your health and what the best next steps are for your wellness goals. If you go ahead with the 7 Steps to Wellness program, Shelley will credit this appointment towards this. Shelley will also credit it towards the 21 day detox as well. 


Detox Centre

We are excited to bring Shelley’s years of Detox experience to you in the comfort of your own home. Shelley realised that location was a problem so she trained to learn how to bring these techniques to you in your own home. 
You can now do your Ampcoil sessions virtually. 

PEMF- Ampcoil Single session $86

Buy 6 Trip Ticket for PEMF- Ampcoil and get one for free.
Buy 13 Trip Ticket for PEMF- Ampcoil and get three for free

We also now hire out the AMD Ion Foot cleanses so you don’t need to miss out. After seeing hundreds of clients doing the AMD Ion Foot cleanse Shelley found clients that did sessions regularly at home got the health benefits quicker and had more success. So she made it affordable and easy for you to be able to do it from the comfort of your own home. Please email us at the office to find out more.


Shelley Gawith leads our team of trained, qualified, and focused clinic staff. Part of our commitment to achieving the best treatment results is maintaining the highest level of certification. Our clinic features current certifications from the following international, national, and local associations and organisations for functional nutrition.



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You may have these questions…

How many appointments do I need? Getting your health on track and in optimal condition usually takes at least five appointments. Of course, every client is coming in with different needs, so we will give the best answer possible to help you know how much your body needs. Some clients need more appointments or support than others and some just love seeing the results they get from working with us that they keep coming back to get even better health. Our main goal is to support you where you are at with your health. Our approach is always personalised for every client, but we want to give you the support you need to reach your best health.

Will I need to give up certain foods, coffee, or alcohol? We want you to keep as many foods as possible in your diet as that’s what nourishes your body. However, anything causing inflammation in your body is affecting your health. We will work with you to help identify these foods and then create a plan for eliminating them your diet.

Does insurance cover my appointments? Generally no, but some companies do. Some corporate health plans do cover our appointments.

Are my appointments confidential? Yes 100%. Most clients come because they are referred by their friends or doctors. We do not pass on any details without checking with you first and getting your permission.

Do you create meal plans? No, we find the best approach is to teach you to listen to your body and what it needs. We empower you to know what foods serve your body the best. We will always offer suggestions on meals, but we teach you a simple way to eat for your body.

Do I have to take supplements, and if so, where do I buy supplements? No, you never need to take supplements. We use supplements in the functional testing to work out the areas where your body needs support. We want you to get as much nutrition from your diet as possible, but there are times when diet alone isn’t enough. We will recommend supplements in those situations. This can also speed up the healing process by giving your body the tools it needs to heal. The supplements we use in our clinic are from specialised practitioner-only ranges. The strength and quality is better so you can only get these from our clinic. You’re welcome to bring any supplements you are already taking to your appointments and we can use these to test on your body.

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