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As a speaker, Shelley Gawith shares simple actionable steps for employees to reduce their stress, improve their sleep, and increase their energy levels. Corporate audiences across New Zealand, Australia, and around the world experience a significant decrease in absentee rates, reduced turnover rates, and improved productivity and innovation in their companies after their employees experience Shelley’s powerhouse message.

Shelley Gawith has a story that will touch your heart and a message that will change your life! Your attendees will walk away with specific steps they can take to improve their lives, and the motivation to make those changes!



Slaying Stress In Your Workplace 
Simple, Proven Steps for Employees to Free Their Minds and Motivations for Optimal Efficiency

Stress reduction begins by being in your parasympathetic autonomic system (rest and digest). Most of us are sympathetic dominant, which we know as the ‘fight or flight’ response. In this featured talk Shelley shares actionable immediate and future techniques that your audience can implement in their current lifestyles. This will free them to become more parasympathetic dominant while also improving their health and livelihood in any season of life.

On-Demand Energy 
How to Find and Feed the Drive You Need to Thrive at Work, Home, and Play

You know that ‘Energy Slump’ roller coaster – it’s time to get off. Imagine if you didn’t need any stimulants and didn’t experience an energy crash during the afternoon? What would you be able to accomplish in a day if you had energy to thrive? Guess what, it is possible for all of us to have energy to burn so we can all live the lives we love. It’s as simple as making small tweaks to our diet. Shelley’s featured talk teaches audiences how to optimise their diets so they can experience constant energy all day long.

From Fumes to Fantastic 
How to Be Successful Without Burning Out

Being successful shouldn’t mean you’re exhausted at the end of each day. You’ve already done the hard work to get to where you are, every day should be about maintaining your amazing success and feeling energised, accomplished, and strong. Shelley shares simple and subtle ways to help you rebalance, replenish, and truly get back to feeling amazing each and every day so you can be successful in every part of your life.

FOMO Is the New Sleep Killer

Most people have trouble falling asleep, wake up during the night, or don’t have a very good quality sleep. Sleep helps us lose weight, regulate inflammation, stabilise our hormones and detoxify our bodies. We all think we have to go to bed earlier or have a nightly routine, but for most of us, we can’t sleep because our circadian rhythms are out of balance. How do we change that? Inside this talk, Shelley gives proven tips to optimise sleep.

Please, Tell Me All About Your Poop 
The Sexiest Way to Talk About Gut Health

Spoiler alert: your bowel movements aren’t exactly sexy, but they are the most crucial part in living a healthy life. Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Your audience is likely to be experiencing a number of gut-related symptoms, including fatigue, gas and bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, anxiety and depression, and stubborn weight gain. This featured talk is a step-by-step conversation through healing your gut in three key steps.


Shelley also partners with corporate clients to co-create custom workshops to meet their staff’s needs. With her background in corporate, Shelley knows the right steps to take and questions to answer so you can help your staff be inspired.


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