Corporates don’t have to choose between their careers and their health. The first step is connecting for a call. Let’s talk soon!


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As a speaker, Shelley Gawith shares simple actionable steps for employees to reduce their stress, improve their sleep, and increase their energy levels. Corporate audiences across New Zealand, Australia, and around the world experience a significant decrease in absentee rates, reduced turnover rates, and improved productivity and innovation in their companies after their employees experience Shelley’s powerhouse message.

Shelley Gawith has a story that will touch your heart and a message that will change your life! Your attendees will walk away with specific steps they can take to improve their lives, and the motivation to make those changes!



The Wonder of Water 
(aka “Health Through Hydration”)

During this talk Shelley takes a seemingly simple topic and breaks it down. While we all know we need to be hydrated, it’s the number one thing Shelley sees in clinic which is missing from all her clients’ health. The best news is, it’s such a simple idea and every single client that sees Shelley witnesses a huge change in their energy levels after implementing this simple strategy. Are you ready for your health and your staff’s health to be significantly improved!?

Energy to Burn

Being successful shouldn’t mean you’re exhausted at the end of each day! You’ve already done the hard work to get to where you are, so every day should be about maintaining your amazing success and feeling energised, accomplished, and strong. Shelley shares simple and subtle ways to help you rebalance, replenish, and truly get back to feeling amazing each and every day, so you can be successful in every part of your life.

Resilience & Immunity

We view our lives through the lense of our hormones. If we are feeling stressed, or we have too much going on in our lives, we can feel out of control and our lives can feel unnecessarily hard, which impacts every area of our lives including our mental health and our immune system. In this presentation Shelley will cover the points below, giving quick actionable techniques that can be implemented in our daily lives for instant results.

(The Quickest Way to Better Health)

When we learn simple strategies for how to detox our bodies at home and in the work place, we will experience more energy, weight loss, have better immune systems, and improved cognitive function.

Tailored Talks
To Fit Your Audience

Shelley also offers a range of bespoke presentations and loves collaborating with your organisation, so she can tailor the presentation to fit your requirements.


Shelley also partners with corporate clients to co-create custom workshops to meet their staff’s needs. With her background in corporate, Shelley knows the right steps to take and questions to answer so you can help your staff be inspired.

Shelley Gawith
Cultivating the best you

+64 21 168 3699