Free up Toxins in Just 30 Minutes

The reality is we face toxins in our environment every day. There is evidence that New Zealand has the highest use per captia of Round up in the world, due to wind this is blown around the country to both organic and non organic farms.

We use or have been exposed to chemicals through our personal care products, our cleaning products and our water and chemicals in our spas and pools.

A lot of us have been exposed to mycotoxins- mould in our homes, hotels, leaks over the years. 

We breath in pollutions in the air daily! Not to mention the many medical prescribed and over the counter drugs we have taken over the years.

Metals in our body

All of this paints a bleak picture of the world, BUT this is where it gets positive. We get to acknowledge that our modern world does have a toxin build up, so that’s why we prioritise our health and bodies by scheduling in times throughout the year to do things like the Foot Detox! 

The Foot Detox by AMD enables our bodies to free up toxins stored in our bodies in just 30 minutes. It’s gentle, painless and non invasive. 

Whenever you take the toxic load of your body and help release the build up, you get more energy, better brain function. You will sleep deeper. Your nervous system is able to reset itself and your body can truly get into the rest and digest state that you are so wanting but struggling to get there most of the time. This makes it easy for you. Anytime your body is holding onto toxins you are holding onto extra weight! You are storing the above in your body and it’s in your fat cells. 

cellular diagram

All you have to do is sit down for 30 minutes with your feet in the foot detox and you would use it for a maximum of 5 per week.