UPDATE for all our Clients

Hello, I just wanted to take a few moments to talk to you all about the situation surrounding COVID and it coming to Wellington sooner rather than later. In preparation, I have been working with functional doctors from around the world (since coming back from Hawaii at the beginning of 2020), on weekly forums discussing … Read more

How to reduce EMF exposure

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). What does that mean, and what are they? Buzzword? Craziness? Woo-woo? I’ve known about them for years, but I didn’t want to be that woo-woo practitioner. Laugh as much as you like, because most of you already think I am. I get called all sorts of lovely names. I know you really … Read more

Top Tips to Beat Burnout

I’m often asked “What were you diagnosed with? What were those two years of bed, losing your cognitive function, losing the ability to go to the bathroom by yourself, not being able to get up and live your life and feed yourself and do everything on your own anymore? What was that medically diagnosed as? … Read more