Functional Lab Tests

We understand that diagnostic lab tests can support your health healing journey. 

Our favourite lab tests are: 

If you are wanting to order one of these tests please click on which test and it will take you to our online store so you can purchase it straight away.

We offer a range of other Functional Lab tests that aren’t listed above, Shelley will recommend anything else that is required in your personal consultation. 

Once you have ordered and purchased the test you would like, we will courier it out to you, using NZ Post. Once you have completed your test, you can book in an appointment with Shelley for approximately 21 days time. This is the average time it takes for Shelley to have received the results. To book in your appointment with Shelley, please select here. If for some reason Shelley hasn’t received your results by the time of your appointment, the office will be in contact so we can re schedule.

Shelley will also interrupt all standard medical test for you as well in your consultation appointments and can help you understand any prior medical tests you may have had completed. These past tests can be very beneficial to have at your consultation, if you have done any of these please advise before your first consultation. Shelley may make additional recommendations to help alleviate your symptoms. 

Below are a few sample test results