AMD Ion Foot Bath Detox

Today I wanted to take a moment to talk about one of the new products that we have in the clinic. Sometimes having a business to play shops with can be the greatest fun, but other times it can be hugely stressful. However, one of the new products we can now offer you is the AMD ion foot spa, which I’m so excited about. I’ve been using this personally, along with my family, and lots of the practitioners that I work with (who are from the USA) have had them in their clinics for a long time. So I’m excited to be the first one in New Zealand to have one. And there’s a lot of research that has been done in Australia, especially for how it helps with autism (below you will find an interview I did this past weekend with Tyler Lewis about this because that’s her area of specialty). 

But I did just want to take a moment to talk about the AMD ion foot cleanse and why I picked that product and what it even does. So a couple of things … It’s a really easy way for your body to start to pull out the chemicals, to start to pull out the heavy metals, the things that we’re exposed to in everyday life. With pollution, with non-organic vegetables and the sprays that go on our food these days, GMOs, cosmetics, cleaning products, all these things that we put into our bodies. Not to mention mercury fillings that a lot of clients have, and exposure through paint, and all sorts of different things.

So I wanted something that was super easy on your body, to be able to use as a great therapy, in conjunction with anything else that you’re doing in clinic, or just as a stand-alone treatment. 

When we first got the foot spa and we started working with my parents, they would get extremely relaxed afterwards, and I was curious.  So I rang Glenn Wilhelm of AMD in the USA, and started talking to him about it, and he explained that the therapy is so gentle it had put them into such a deep parasympathetic (relaxed) state.

That relaxed state is what we need to be in when we’re detoxifying. If we’re in a stressed out state, we are not detoxifying. So their bodies were in this blissed out state and very happy to start the detox process. So actually it was brilliant. Anyway, they just stayed in this bliss state and their sleep improved. So that is key – the fact that the machine actually makes us parasympathetic because that’s when detox can begin.

If we’re in a stressed out state, we’re not detoxing anything and because the machine (foot cleanse) isn’t putting anything into your body there is no burden. It’s just pulling things out. That’s why we give you minerals afterwards because we really want to refuel your body. We want to give it the spark plugs (which are all your good minerals) to keep it going, to keep it working hard and so you can get maximum benefits from it. So it’s super exciting.

So you might be thinking.  “What is up with the fact that the water changes?”

Being a skeptical ex-accountant, I had lots of questions, and, let’s be honest I know a lot of my clients are going to be skeptical too.  A doctor I work with in the States, Dr. Darren, a lyme specialist, was skeptical too. So to test it’s legitimacy he did the foot bath for 30 minutes with no feet in it.  He then collected a sample of the water.  Next, he put his feet in it for 30 minutes, and again took a  sample of the water, and then he sent it off to the labs. He didn’t tell Glenn at the time that he had a huge amount of mercury in his body, but that’s what the labs discovered. That was the difference between the two samples.

So the reason why the water changes.   It’s not accurate to say that it’s in any way indicative of anything happening in your health. We can’t say that it’s to do with a certain condition because the machine is designed to neutralize. It’s ionic so it wants to neutralize. It’s going to neutralize the water, it’s going to neutralize the salt that we put in there. It’s always sending out ions, so that’s why the water changes regardless. Obviously, if your feet are in there, the water changes differently and it will look different with me to my parents, to you, to everyone using it. So the colors are always different.

Now what sets this particular brand apart? The foot spa that I chose and the reason I chose it was you’ll see two plugs on top of our one at clinic. One is positive ions and one is negative ions. Most foot spas out there on the market just have the negative ions and it’s really important that you have both. Why? Because you know me, I’m all about maximizing the health benefits for anything you do. If you’re not getting next maximum bang for your buck, I don’t want you doing it. I’m not going to have you wasting your time. I’m not going to waste my time either.

So they work on opposites. There are some things within our bodies that consist of positively charged particles. These are heavy metals, pesticides, histamine and exotoxins and it means we need negative ions to draw them out. Opposites attract here. So all the ones on the market that just have the negative ions, that’s great because that’s going to get rid of heavy metals, which is a big deal for a lot of clients. However, we’ve also got negatively charged particles. These conditions are related to a lot of clients that we see coming into clinic. Glyphosate exposure, endotoxins again, candida and yeast.

How many people do we see with yeast infections? A lot of clients. How many people are complaining about white tongues and UTIs, yeast infections, painful sex, all those types of things that are down to yeast, itchy areas. And then we’ve also got mycotoxins (that was a big deal for me with my mould exposure). I needed to get this out of my body through many different therapies that were going to be easy on my body and not too draining and create a huge amount of stress.

So that’s why we want positive and negative ions because they pull out opposites. Makes sense, right? Total game changer and a no brainer for me when I was looking into all the different brands, but I always like to educate and empower you and answer as many questions as I can and educate you as much as possible.

So that’s why we’ve got the foot bath. I hope that you’ll come into clinic and try it too because it’s just such an amazing resource to add into your detox protocol. So gentle on your body and truly a game changer. And it’s changed my health significantly, so I was too excited to not share it and bring it into clinic. We like to be New Zealand’s first, let’s be honest. That’s why I love going to the States. You all know I travel, hence why I need the foot spa support. If I’m going to keep going overseas and learning from the best, I also need this support in my life. But my challenge to you is have a look into this and understand the toxic load on your body.

Now ….  Here is my interview with Tyler Lewis a practitioner from Denver, Colorado who had amazing success using this technology with her son, and also in her practice.  We answer a lot of the questions I have been getting from clients.

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