Drainage 101 – Why It’s the First Step in Your Detox Journey

Today I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you about something that doesn’t have much appeal, but is so important when you are looking to heal your body.

Detoxification is always on the hit list. Everyone wants to do a detox!  We want to do a juice cleanse. We want to do all sorts of different cleanses – veggie cleanses, liver detoxes (that is really common, and we talk about it a whole heap).   I believe in detoxification so much that we have a whole centre to support your body to detoxify. We’ve got the near infrared sauna, the red lights, the PEMF therapy, the sound therapy and the AMD ion foot cleanse, plus we are just about to start on our “21 Day Detox (Reset)” in clinic with clients. So, clearly I am a huge believer in the power of detoxification and how to do it very gently and in a supportive way, so we don’t throw you into a huge detox reaction. 

Why do we go gently?  Well, we’ve all had those friends that are detoxing and they just feel so miserable. They’re cleaning up their gut health. They’re changing their microbiota. They’re changing the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in their gut, and they just feel horrible. They feel headachy, sore joints, tired. They’re putting on weight instead of losing weight. So, there’s all sorts of things that can happen.

What I really wanted to talk to you about today is .. Yes, detoxification is key and yes, detoxification was key for me and my health journey and it is for every single client. So it is really key, but more importantly, before we start detoxifying your body it’s really important to talk about the drainage pathways.

Now, most of us don’t really want to talk about drains. If we think about drains, we probably think about mud, rust, poos, all sorts of things. One of the key factors to think about is poos, because that is one of our biggest drainage pathways.  When I’m working with clients in clinic, I always want to make sure their drainage pathways are open, because if these pathways aren’t open what we’re going to do is we’re going to dump a whole bunch of toxins into their body and then where’s it going to go? That’s when we see things like cellulite building up, weight gain just unexpectedly and you can’t work out why, you feel really miserable, headachy, tired and just real fatigue.


The drainage pathway conversation is so important. In clinic through muscle testing, I’m always checking to make sure all of these pathways are open. In our initial consultation when I’m talking to you about your poo health (and yes, we go there every single session).  The reason I focus on your poo health so much is, guess what? It is the number one system for your drainage pathways. Your poos are water, fiber plus all your toxins. Now, I see plenty of clients that aren’t pooing every single day. Sometimes it’s every second or third day. Sometimes it’s every few weeks. This might be common, but it’s definitely not normal, and we need to make sure this drainage pathway is open before we start detoxifying your body.  If you’re not pooing every single day, do not do a juice cleanse because it’s not going to have great results.

Our next pathway is our kidney support.  You want to be urinating. You want to be flushing out those toxins, which means you need to be getting hydrated. You hear me talk about water time and time again, and this is why. It’s another drainage pathway. It is so important. So we’ve got our poos, we’ve got our wees, right, and getting you hydrated. Key things. The formula for your poo’s is getting in enough fiber to be binding the toxins and getting them out. We’ve talked about that in the hormonal food series. So have a look back on Instagram. Facebook, look at those pictures. Get the fiber in!

Our next drainage pathway is obviously supporting the liver and gallbladder as this is where fat digestion happens, which then gets turned into bile and the bile binds and pulls out toxicity. So we really need to make sure that we’re supporting your liver at this time. Anyone detoxing from heavy metals, chemicals, anything in your body, we’re always looking at supporting your liver. That’s why I spend so much time muscle testing to work out what does your body need? I’m looking for what these drainage pathways need for you to get maximum results so we don’t dump a whole bunch of toxins into your body.

The next one is our respiratory system. So our respiratory system’s actually the first line of defense, starting with our nose … between bringing in toxins, in terms of bugs and pathogens, and getting them out. So when I spend a whole heap of time talking about nose breathing, this is why. We really want to make sure that your respiratory system is supported. It’s there to stop toxins getting it.

Another one is sleep and I’ve also taught significantly about sleep. But in terms of why I’m talking about it from a drainage pathway is, remember, the janitor goes into your brain and sweeps out all the toxins throughout the night. So if you’re not sleeping and if you’re not prioritizing it and you’re not sleeping well, we need to correct this. That’s why I love a lot of the treatments that we use in clinic because they’re getting you parasympathetic. They are actually helping reset your nervous system so we can set you up to detoxify in such a gentle way.  So that’s why we do the AMD Ion foot cleanse, because we can get you parasympathetic, sleeping better and detoxifying. You’ll also notice a key thing with the AMD Ion foot cleanse – we’re using another drainage pathway in your body. We are pulling toxins out through your feet. We don’t even need to go through your liver and your digestive system. So that is awesome.

Another way is your glymphatic system, which is the brain. So that’s another detoxification drainage pathway that we want. We also want to support your lymph system. So a lot of people will complain of swollen glands around the neck or under your arms, especially when you’re detoxifying. So that’s why we support your lymphatic system. Sometimes it’s getting you to do things at home like taking the drops that we need you to take. Other times it’s doing red light therapy in the sauna to open up all your lymphatic system, because this is another key drainage pathway in your body. So we want to flush it all out.

Also, another drainage pathway is your skin. Now clients don’t like necessarily using their skin because that’s when you see a whole bunch of pimples, rashes, spots coming up through your skin. So if the rest of your drainage pathways aren’t supported properly, your body’s going to flush it out through your skin because it’s super easy as it’s our biggest living organ and there’s so much mass area.

So we want to support your drainage pathways. If you are doing any detoxification, please, please come into clinic or talk to somebody about supporting all of these drainage pathways.  Because it makes common sense, right? Think about it logically. If we want to clear stuff out of our bodies, we’ve got to make sure that all the circuits, all the streets, however you want to look at it, are open. We want to make sure that the rubbish truck can come along and pick up all the rubbish. Otherwise, we’re just dumping toxins into your body. I see, time and time again, clients coming into the clinic really frustrated because they’ve had a bunch of toxins dumped into their body and they’re not seeing the results.

It’s not sexy. I know detoxification sounds so much more fun. We’re going on a detox. We’re going on a cleanse, but get the drainage pathways need to be open first. It all starts with poo and getting yourself hydrated. So there you go!   So that’s why I had the big disclaimer that you can only join us on the “21 day detox” if you are pooing every day!! If you are pooing every day come and join us! 

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