Become a Dream-Builder

I thought now was a great time after an eventful first half of the year and coming out of Covid-19 to recap on something that I had the privilege and honor of doing with my clients at the end of 2019, and that was the Dream-Building workshops that I was lucky enough to host.

It was really amazing working with clients on such an intimate, vulnerable level, and listening to the dreams that clients had. I shared some of my personal dreams that you guys don’t necessarily get to hear about in  clinic. I shared what I dream of for me, on a personal level, on a business level, and on my health journey.

In the workshop we covered four different areas relating to building dreams and our lives.  One of my dreams was very much about getting health education and empowerment into the Council flats so that we don’t just give things to those in need, but we actually empower them to make a difference and gain control of their lives through their health and wellbeing and I want to assist in setting up these things. Also, during this time, I am trying to work out a plan of working with Women’s Refuge as well. So I’m really excited to get that kicking off in the second half of the year.

But why I wanted to bring this up is, presently, for some of us our dreams might look different.  They might have been put on hold,  or there might be some sadness about lost dreams. 

We deserve to really dream a big life, and at the end of last year, I talked about the difference between goals and dreams. Goals are what we can do ourselves. We come up with our smart goals, and then we have steps in place so that we can achieve them. But dreams are so much bigger than that. Dreams are the things that we can’t actually achieve on our own. We don’t necessarily know how we’re going to get there, but they originate in our spirit. They call to us.  They are our purpose and the reason we’re here.

So wherever we are right now, as we come out of this Covid season, I want to encourage you to dream again, to revisit your dreams from the end of last year. 

We want to live our life so that we have achieved, or believed, or done whatever it was that was placed on our hearts. So right now, today, take a moment to really think about your dreams. And if you already know your dreams, or if you came to the Dream-Building workshops, have you already forgotten them? What are you doing to nurture these dreams? To nourish them? What seeds need to be planted? What support do you need? What can we do to get you back on track? What do you need?  Really take some time to think about that and think, “What do I want the next decade to be like?”

What do you want your old age to be like? What do you want your children’s health to be like? What is it that you’re passionate about? What do you want your career to be? Do you want a career? How do you want your life to be different? Post Covid have you decided you want new dreams? Does your dream LIFE now look different? I know my dreams have changed and adjusted. 

Let’s really get beside each other, and let’s really nourish these dreams, and take our lives to a bigger/deeper level. Once you’ve got really great health and once you’ve got health freedom, there is so much more to life. We can live and play full on and hard out.  So I really encourage you today to capture your life. Work out where it is that you want to go, but more than having goals, what is your Dream and how can we help you get there?!

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