Do you know what your Power Foods are?

So we’ve all heard of superfoods, right? They are the fad health foods based on the latest trend. We’ve had all things kale, then we moved to celery juice. There’s a new superfood every year. Remember the blueberry phase – they are amazing for anti oxidants right!

Believe me, I am definitely a fan of maximising your diet.  When you come into clinic one of the first things we discuss is food . Anyone who comes in wanting a probiotic knows that they’ll get grilled on why they should try fermented foods first before I’ll give out a pill.  Then, if you need gut healing nutrients, you know I’m going to tell you to have bone broth. There’s absolutely key nutrients that we need in our bodies, and I’m a big fan of using food to boost our bodies, boost our immune systems and boost our well-being.   The truth is, every mouthful we take in has a direct impact. It can either move us towards optimal health or further away.

However, what I see time and time again when I do my corporate talks and in-clinic, is clients coming to me so overwhelmed and confused because they don’t know what to eat. It’s become such hard work for them.  Their friend down the road has told them that almonds were the greatest things for them, but when they eat almonds they get bloated and feel exhausted. Or, another client will come to me and say that they need lots of tomatoes and nightshades because they’ve read online that they are going to do all these amazing things for them, but when they eat them they get really gassy and have wind. Or, another client will say that they’ve been eating lots of chickpeas and legumes, cheap sources of protein, right? But they get bloated and they feel like they’re six months pregnant every time they eat them.  Or, some clients just wake up bloated and they don’t know why because they’re eating these “superfoods” – foods that are meant to make them feel amazing.  

Yes, that’s superfoods in terms of we’ve put them on a pedestal, but the reality is we are all designed differently. We all have different physiologies and different DNA. We are all very different. We’ve all been exposed to different things in our lives, so there is no one superfood for 100% of us. What there is, however, is ‘powerfoods!

So when clients come in, we want to  help you eat the powerfoods that are right for your body. We want to make sure that you’re having a nutrient-dense diet, right? We want to ensure that you’re getting all the macronutrients and the micronutrients that you need, but we want to be 100% specific to what your body needs.  We all have powerfoods that our bodies respond to better, we just need to know what they are.

My experience with "so called" superfoods

On a personal note, turmeric is meant to be anti-inflammatory for everyone, right? We’re all making turmeric lattes, and putting tumeric into our recipes, because it’s so anti-inflammatory. But what about if you’re like me, where it actually bloats me, and gives me loose stools and gas, and gives me brain fog? Tumeric is no superfood for me, and it’s definitely not a powerfood. I feel absolutely exhausted. I feel absolutely wiped out and so uncomfortable and six months pregnant. Who wants that!? 

Another example is an immune-boosting drink that is popular at the moment – mushrooms.  I absolutely love them and I benefit from mushrooms. So amazing. All the science coming out on the benefits of mushrooms for our immune system is out of this world. But, what if this new superfood, and drink, isn’t right for you? How do you know if it is indeed a ‘powerfood’ for you? 

Because figuring out what foods are right for you is such an issue for so many of you, we’ve put together a pretty awesome online course to make it super easy for you, and your friends, to work out what your individualised powerfoods are.  We show you how can you eat right for your body and educate you as fast as possible. We’ve designed a meal reset plan which introduces you to very simple (but delicious) recipes and food prep tricks, and from there we come up with the easy steps for you to learn your powerfoods – because we all have them. 

But right now a key tip that you can do at home to get you started, is the toe-touch test. Remember, the one that we learned in clinic?  You always want to use the toe-touch with any superfoods to see if they’re right for you. If you can’t reach as far as before you at it, you know that it’s causing you inflammation. It’s a super easy, scientifically proven test that lets you know if that food (even if it’s superfood) is causing you inflammation.  

So, do you want to know how to eat a meal plan each week based on your ‘powerfoods’? Do you want to eat to have maximum benefit for your body? Because that’s what we want for you today. We want you to eat your powerfoods!   Keep following our newsletter for the launch of our new “Find your own Personalised Power Foods” online course to find out more.

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