How to read your skincare labels and find the hidden toxins!


So most of you will know from seeing Trina on my Instagram previously, just how passionate I am about her work.  Why?  Because Trina is changing the world.  You only need to look at her face to understand that her products are amazing.

What I often observe in clinic, and what clients are really struggling with, is how to read product labels?  A lot of us have now become aware of food labels and how important it is to read and interpret these, but when we’re talking about oral and skin health we often struggle with knowing what’s best and often feel like giving up!  Well, this is where Trina steps in.   She is a game changer. She wants to remove any overwhelm or confusion you have and make your life easier ! 

Trina knows the biggest problem women face is that they believe the marketing ploys of skincare companies and the hype around what their products will do for you, but she can teach you in less than 10 seconds how to read a skincare label and find the hidden toxins that the EWG and Think Dirty aren’t reporting to you because they are hidden inside the ingredients listed on the label !!

In her webinar Trina is going to teach you :

  • What to look out for in packaging
  • The rule of FIVE
  • The 1% rule
  • How to quickly find hidden toxins
  • Why water in skincare is so harmful
  • What ingredients should be *organic and why
  • More … more and more tips!  

You can sign up here :

Some reasons for pre mature aging

  • DEHYDRATED SKIN:  this oil-based skincare keeps your skin hydrated on the inside because it penetrates into the tissues of of your skin.  Water-based skincare dehydrates your skin and disrupts your skin microbiome.
  • MUSCLE LOSS: As we age, our facial muscles atrophy and this causes “droopy” and “saggy” skin on our face.  The sonic vibrations from the Quiver Facial Spa is a “workout” for your facial muscles and helps rebuild the muscle mass.  Think “high cheekbones” and toned skin.
  • DECREASED BLOOD FLOW: As we age our blood flow naturally declines and toxic buildup can accumulate within the skin making it appear lifeless, sallow and discoloured.  It also reduces the amount of nutrients that are delivered to the skin.  THE QUIVER SONIC FACIAL SPA along with the essential oils in the facial products increase blood flow which provides more nutrients for the skin and increases detoxification and the removal of waste from the tissues.  This leads to a healthy “glow” and a bright complexion.
  • DECREASED COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: As we age we don’t produce as much collagen in our skin.  When collagen levels are high, the skin is soft, smooth, and firm. Collagen helps the skin cells renew and repair themselves. Collagen also helps keep the skin moist.  The Quiver sonic vibrations stimulate your skin to produce collagen naturally so your skin can stay youthful and healthy.
  • DECREASED ELASTIN PRODUCTION:  Our skin also produces less elastin as we get older.  Loss of elastin prevents your skin from “bouncing back” to it’s original shape- think droopy and thin skin.  The Quiver sonic vibrations stimulate your skin to increase the elastin so your skin can “stretch and bounce back” looking more toned and vibrant. 

Oats in your skin care healthy right?

When I was talking to Trina I remember looking at a food sensitivity panel of my own.  I wasn’t eating any oats, yet, oats came up as highly sensitive in my food panel. And I was like “I don’t even eat oats. Where is this coming from?” It wasn’t until then I looked at my super healthy skincare- for which I hadn’t been reading the labels properly, and I realised oats were coming straight into my body.  Remember, when it comes in through our skin, it’s getting straight into our bloodstream.

It takes 26 seconds for something you put on your skin to get into your bloodstream. And once it’s in your bloodstream, that’s where the havoc begins because it doesn’t get broken down

I had another client that you all might actually know as she posts lots about our health journey together on Instagram, so I can share a little from her health story. We worked out in clinic in one of our sessions that she was sensitive to coconut. So like the great client she is, she went and got all coconut products out of her diet. Not easy right especially when she has coconut products in her very own ‘Clean Mixes’, so she has been totally dedicated to the process. About a week after our session together she messaged me to let me know, that while she had seen great improvements with her eczema and her skin, it was still there. It hadn’t all cleared up. I knew that Christine was using natural skin care products, and can you think of some of the most common ingredients in natural health care products?  Well, one of them is COCONUT oil of course.  So guess what Christine was using on her skin? A whole bunch of coconut products!! So obviously that was inflaming her. No wonder her skin wasn’t totally clearing (ps. if you don’t want to see me in clinic I teach a course on how to work out your food sensitivities at home).

Toxins in your bloodstream flow through your liver.  They go to your brain, to your heart, to your breast tissue, they go everywhere.  So it’s very important you don’t absorb them through your skincare.  You want super clean skincare and you don’t want to waste your money on things that tell you they’re healthy when they’re really not.

So, my lovelies … I’m not here promoting Trina’s webinar and course just for the sake of it.  I’m sharing it with you because it’s a game changer. We all need help in this area. Clients come and ask me this stuff all the time and I’ve got information. But Trina is the game changer. Just look at her, look at her skin. Take a guess at her old she is? and you will be totally shocked when I reveal the truth.

I encourage all of you to take this course because, once again, empowerment and education mean that you are making informed decisions.  You don’t want to be eating an amazing diet and investing all of your hard-earned money into that, to then be filling your blood with all these products that aren’t healthy, but they say they’re healthy.  I know how overwhelming it all is. I know my clients don’t have the time to do all this research. That’s why I travel to conferences. That’s why I connect up with people like Trina, so she can do it all for us.  This is her absolute passion.  She has a wealth of knowledge.  Let’s tap into it and let’s all get informed and empowered.

Trust me. You need to know! because it will change your life and your health, and your family’s health. You will feel SO empowered knowing exactly what products to look for to keep your body healthy and glowing inside and out!’

In the Shelley Says So challenge every January we dedicate a couple of challenges to looking at our skin care and other products and labels. But don’t want until January! Right now, have a look at either a skin product you have in your bag or in your bathroom. Comment below with an ingredient you don’t recognise. We can learn together and make it easier.



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