How to reduce EMF exposure

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). What does that mean, and what are they? Buzzword? Craziness? Woo-woo? I’ve known about them for years, but I didn’t want to be that woo-woo practitioner. Laugh as much as you like, because most of you already think I am. I get called all sorts of lovely names. I know you really mean it in kind jest, but I am that person now.

What has made me so passionate about getting this message out to you, is when we do the voiceprint in the clinic (which we are using to measure what is happening in your body) the number one thing we see day-in-and-day-out is electromagnetic field sensitivity. It’s one of the number one things we’re seeing that impacts your brain health. It impacts your adrenals. It impacts your minerals, your vitamins. It impacts your hormonal health. It impacts your sleep. It impacts your gut health. It impacts when you have viruses. I’ve had glandular fever so I’ve got the Epstein-Barr virus in my body which means my body is hugely sensitive to EMFs.

When I had to start working from  home (via Zoom) I really went on this journey.  I got really passionate about it, finding solutions for me, my health, my family and my home. So seeing this on the voiceprint time and time again being a problem for clients made me 100% aware of it and wanting to get solutions for people. Yes, we can use the AmpCoil to remedy this, and people get results straight away. But, when they go back home, back into their work environment, their car, their hotel, or wherever they’re going, with a high load of EMFs, this is going to happen again and again and again. We don’t want to just mask the symptoms in this clinic. We want to get root-cause solutions.


So, with that in mind, I invested thousands of dollars into amazing world-class technology. Because, once again, I’m not going to guess, I’m not going to be that crazy practitioner that plants this fear and doubt in your mind. We always ‘test’. We don’t ‘guess’. We’re an evidence-based clinic and we always want the science and the data, and the research so we can work with you in any number of ways.

It is this simple with the technology we have in the clinic.. You literally plug in the machine. It will make a bit of noise when there is an overload of EMFs in the house, in the room, in the AIR!! So I can do this in any client’s house. 

Then a simple thing we can do is add in another box in your house that takes the EMF load off for your body and environment. So it will reduce your stress load. 

We want you to have the best mitochondrial health. Your mitochondria are your energy powerhouses on a cellular level. If we get a reading that says your cells are sensitive to EMFs, we can use the foot cleanses with you, with the electrons, the negative and positive ions in your body. We want to get you optimal health, and we will do whatever we need to do to support you so you have the best health, the best longevity, the best brain function, adrenal function, hormones, and you’re going to age in the best way possible.

So we will be bringing you more information around this in the coming months.  We will deliver education, empowerment and strategies for how you can do this in your home, your office space, and what you need to look for. So be aware of the adventure that we’re on. And I suggest if you’re not already following us on Facebook and Instagram, that you find us and follow our page (@shelleygawithfn) and learn all about this. Come with us on the journey of EMFs. 

Have you used the Ampcoil yet? All our ‘Alive’ clients do this as part of their packages, but you also don’t need to be a client to use our detox centre.   Everyone is welcome!

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