How to Detox your Body (and my 24 hour experiment!)

Welcome back to 2022. We are so excited for another year of supporting you with your health, and taking things to the next level.  As we begin the year, let me share an interesting experience during my Christmas holidays. 

I had the opportunity to hang out with some friends that probably aren’t exposed to health as much as you and I are.   I took mental notes over the 24 hours I was with these friends because I wanted to observe the toxins that creep into the lives of everyday people, so easily.

The first thing I noticed the minute I got into their car was they had one of those Christmas tree scented things hanging from the mirror (I don’t even know what you call them, but you keep them in the car), and I was like, “Oh my gosh, now, I’m breathing in toxins for the car ride!” So, as I had that confronting experience, I decided to note down all the other toxins that these people were breathing in and being exposed to.

Now, in my banking days, I definitely had those scented things going on in my car too, because I absolutely wanted my car to smell nice. But now I realise that every breath I was taking, I was breathing in toxins. 

When we got to their house, I saw all the sprays …. Firstly, the toilet spray and air freshener (that they sprayed in their bathrooms). Then, I saw the plugin sprays they had going on in their house to make every room smell really nice.  These weren’t things they were doing to be ‘bad’. They were actually trying to make my stay more pleasant, but I couldn’t believe the toxins that I was being exposed to!

Then, I went to use the sunscreen that they were applying to themselves and their families, and they very kindly offered to me. And I got out my app ‘The Chemical Maze’, and I started to look at all the different toxins that crept in there. 

Next, for the male in the family, I noticed the stuff that he started to put in his hair, the shaving cream he used and the soap. Followed by the hand sanitiser they used, the products that they both put on their faces throughout the day (in the morning and in the evenings), and how everything smelt.

Now, we essentially have been trained to think that we must smell good, and that our environments must smell a certain way.  BUT rather than that, I now I think to myself  “Oh my gosh, I’m breathing in toxins. Now I’m going to need to do a foot detox or a sauna to get these out of my body!!” 

Then in the bathroom, I saw the perfume and the aftershave. All things that in the past I’ve liked, but now I realise that I want to be using natural products because otherwise I’ve just got to detoxify it out of my body!

It continued as I opened up the medicine cabinet and saw all the prescription drugs they had for themselves and their children — What’s that doing to their gut health!!? What’s that doing to their livers!!? 

Then it came time to start cooking dinner, and I realised that a lot of my friends, and a lot of the people that are in my world, and clients, are eating organic or spray-free vegetables and meat. So it’s not really an issue.

After that I went to have a drink of water and I thought about all the fluoride and the chlorine that was in their tap water, because I hadn’t brought my Ace Bio Pot with me (because I just didn’t even think about it). And what about the coffee that was then served?

So I started to see what it’s like when people aren’t consciously thinking about toxins ….. and THEN the list went on … the hair products for the female, and the makeup, and the nail polish – as the children started to paint their nails, and then use the nail polish remover. 

Not to even talk about the fact that I got a lot of questions this New Year’s Eve, with clients asking, “What do we do about safe sex and non-chemical products, ie. condoms?” So then I looked through the drawers to see what was going on in this household too.

So, I started to think it’s really important for ALL of us to have awareness. In the clinic, we get people to complete a three-day food journal. We also start to do a 24-hour audit of the chemicals and the toxins that they putting on themselves, and that they are breathing in. What about the toothpaste that they were using and the toothbrushes? The sleep products, their mattresses, their sheets? You can start to see how it all accumulates!

So, I just wanted to take you through those 24 hours that I stayed with this couple and how lovely it was, but show the toxins (just in those 24 hours) that I was exposed to, that I normally mitigate and make sure I don’t get exposed to in my normal everyday life. 

As we start 2022, it is something to be really mindful of. What are you going to sign up to do this year at the beginning of 2022? Are you going to start doing the AMD ion foot detoxes? Are you going to use the near-infrared sauna, or Ampcoil we have in the clinic for you? Are you going to do the DIY detoxes at home, the skin brushing? Are you going to join us on the 21 Day Detox in March?? What do you want to be doing to look after your liver and your health this year?

I invite you to do a 24-hour audit of all the toxins that you are using, the laundry powder, the dishwashing powder, the list goes on and on and on. So I look forward to working with you this year and to seeing what comes up in your 24-hour audit of all the toxins that are coming into your daily life, because they creep in very easily. But it’s also very easy to make a change and make a difference for yourself this year.

What are YOU going to do today to make a difference to your toxic load for 2022, can you take something out or make a special weekly ritual out of one of the treatments in the clinic this year.

Look forward to seeing you in the clinic!

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