“Why am I SO tired?” … How to increase your Energy!

Do you know what is responsible for producing energy in your body? It’s two glands the size of almonds called our ‘adrenal glands’. They are tiny, and they produce most of the energy in our body. When those glands are worn out or tired we are not going to have amazing energy. A lot of clients, when they first start working with us, want more energy. And another thing we hear all the time is that once they finish working with us, clients can’t believe the amount of energy they now have.

When we are retraining and reteaching clients in terms of getting better energy we use the analogy of thinking of your adrenals as broken almonds that have been cut in half. Are you going to have optimal energy? Absolutely not. Because now you’ve only got half almonds producing the energy that you need for your life. So, step number one is we need to regrow those almonds. How do we regrow those almonds? We give them the nutrients that they need to regrow.

So, in clinic, we use supplements such as ADB5-Plus, Cytozyme-AD, and Apex’s Adaptocrine, because we want to give you the nutrients and the glandulars to regrow those almonds so you can have the best energy possible. 

A lot of people at the moment, through stress, overwhelm, overwork, and all sorts of different factors, feel a little tired. So, that’s one time you would reach for your adrenal support, and start supporting your body. But we don’t stop there. As a practitioner, it’s my job to go, but WHY? Why are your almonds worn out? Why are your adrenals not functioning optimally, and what do we need to help heal them? 

We’ve all got different energy tanks (and I talk about this a lot with my corporate clients). We want to make sure all your energy is for you.  We don’t want you to be putting out any ‘inflammation’ fires because that will deplete your energy.

If you’re eating a food causing inflammation – and for some people that might be eggs, dairy, gluten, maybe even tomatoes – it can be something you don’t think will be causing you inflammation, but it is. Every time you eat a tomato now you’re creating inflammation in your body, which means you’re draining from your energy tank because you have to keep putting out this fire. So, as soon as we remove that food, we start healing your gut. We start teaching your body to produce its own hydrochloric acid. We heal your nervous system, and we help you switch between it’s two branches – being sympathetic and parasympathetic – so you can come out of both states, which is what we want, to be fully human and fully functional in living our best lives.

A lot of clients, when they first come in, and they do the ‘toe touch test’, they need salt. They need to start adding sodium to their water. Why? Because our adrenals need sodium to function optimally. So, these are some clues that their adrenals aren’t functioning optimally. 

Also, clients have a huge liver load because of toxin exposure, so we want to look at those things as well and see how we can reduce them.

So, STEP ONE is you always want to grow back the almonds to full size so they can produce great energy. STEP TWO is you look at the reasons why your adrenal glands got tired in the first place. So, we work our way backwards, and we heal all those different components – your hormones, your leaky gut, your digestive system, toxins, liver, joint inflammation, whatever those symptoms are that cause your adrenals to get tired.

We work on your nervous system so that you’re balanced, and from there, you can have the best energy forevermore.

Once you know how good your body can be energy-wise, you will never settle for anything less. And the best part is, when you know how good you can feel, you will notice when you wake up slightly tired. For example, if I don’t  bounce out of bed, I know I’m not feeling my best, so I want to look into the nutritional deficiencies that are happening in my body and heal them. Because sometimes it might be as simple as I’ve forgotten to eat my organ meat, so my B12’s come down a little bit. So, I’m not going to bounce out of bed the same way. So, when you know that, and you’ve given that gift to yourself (the gift of health), you will never settle for anything else. It is life-changing !!

So, if you don’t have the best energy right now, let’s get digging. Let’s support your adrenals, get them built up as fast as possible, and let’s look at and ask the question, but WHY? We don’t want you on adrenal support forever. We want to know why?

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