The Lymphatic System – why it is key to weightloss and detoxification

I want to talk to you all about your lymphatic system, because I spend so much time talking about this in clinic.   I also notice that when I talk to my corporate clients a lot of people don’t know about their lymphatic system at all.   It’s such a major drainage system in our body.  It’s not like our blood that just flows through our bodies because we’ve got a heart moving it and pushing it through. The lymph system is stagnant unless we’re doing something to help it along.

So, nine times out of ten, in clinic we start talking about the lymphatic system because of your immune issues.  We start talking about the immune system because a client asks me about their cellulite.  I don’t think there’s a single day that goes by where I’m not talking about cellulite with clients. As I explain things here, you are going to see why the lymphatic system is key when it comes to weightloss and losing your cellulite.  Let’s be honest, none of us want cellulite and none of us should have cellulite. Cellulite is stagnated toxins. Cellulite is basically telling you how toxic you are. The good news is you can change this and shift your unwanted weight . That’s the exciting thing. 

Your lymph system is so key for your immune system. The main time that our lymph system is working is when we are asleep at night. That’s when it flushes through all the toxins. So we need to get the toxins moving during the  day, but you need to be prioritizing your sleep to get all the benefits.

So how do we get the system working? If it doesn’t have a  pump for it like the heart, what do we have to do? Well, we have to do something manually whether you like it or not. There’s many different things that you could be doing, but the key thing is we’ve got to be doing something!

So in clinic, I have to admit that often I’ll use lymph drops. That’s what we use to start flushing through the toxins in your body. But you know me, I’m always telling you that you can’t just take a pill, you have to be making lifestyle changes eventually too and an easy way to get your lymphatic system moving is dry skin brushing. So literally you’re brushing your skin.

 The next is thing you would have heard me talk about, on the Fox TV interview I did recently, is bouncing. We’ve got a trampoline in clinic so clients can bounce before their saunas and before their appointments.  You could also do it with a skipping rope. It’s even better if you do it braless because ladies, where do we store a whole bunch of toxins? Where do we have lymph nodes? Our biggest collection of lymph nodes is under our arms. So we need to be getting the toxins out, right? So you could do it with bouncing, you could do it by stimulating your lymph nodes under your arms, or you could have a massage (especially the lymphatic drainage massage that’s amazing).   For lymphatic drainage massaging into your neck and really draining the lymph nodes in this area is also helpful.  

Another big area for lymph nodes is our gut. So how much of that gut area is stubborn weight that just won’t move, and how much of it is your lymph nodes working over-time or being filled with toxins?  You need to be really mindful of doing these practices as a daily commitment. There is no other way to move your lymph system!

And, lastly, the other way you can move your lymph is with cold showering. So you want to get the shower head on these major areas where your lymph system is. I try and have daily cold showers, and clients in clinic are always reporting how great they feel when they start this practice. 

Now to go back a step, you also need to make sure that your liver is working optimally. Because if your liver’s working really hard and it’s not being supported, it can’t detoxify your body properly.  It can’t flush out the toxins.  So what’s it going to do?  It’s going to push the extra burden onto your lymphatic system and now you’re just going to hold lots of toxins. 

Now, can you see why we love all the new technology we have brought into clinic, especially the red light therapy in the sauna as this supports your lymphatic system and your liver load at the same time. Also the sauna helps you sweat out the toxins which takes the load of your liver and your digestive system! We are all about stacking the benefits in the clinic. 

So the next time you see cellulite on your body, males and females, because it happens to all of us, be an investigator. Think to yourself, “Hey, am I doing anything for my lymph system? When is the last time I did something?”  Every client that comes into clinic and commits to doing something for their lymphatic system sees remarkable results and they see that cellulite shift. That’s the really cool thing. Do we want cellulite in the first place?  NO!  But when we’ve got it, we can do something about it. 

So I really encourage you .. which one of these things are you going to do today? Maybe a mixture. Just pick something, get a routine. Get it in, and start doing it and have a happy lymphatic system and watch the cellulite disappear!

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